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1.  Do you sell the maps unframed? The maps are only sold framed.

2. Can you do them in different sizes? They only come in the small 20x26 and large 30x36.

3. Can the orientation of a particular location be changed? The maps are created in the manner that makes them the most visually appealing depending on the location of the water.  Therefore, the orientations for locations are set.

4. Can you create new maps? From time to time, new maps are created depending on demand. Only locations on water are created.


5. How long does it take to receive a map? All maps are custom produced and ship within two to four weeks.

6. Are there different frame choices? The maps only come in the white frames.

7. Do you have locations in other countries? With the exception of a few locations, the maps are all based on U.S. waters.

8. How can maps be customized? There are several different ways.  Points of interest can be placed on the body of the map.  A monogram and special date can be put into the crest or compass rose and a company or family logo can be added.  Email any custom requests and you will receive a timely response.  Proofs of custom maps are provided for approval before printing.